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The Mainstream Party is an Australian political party that seeks to restore Australia to the worker’s paradise it was in the 1950s and 1960s, instead of the millionaires’ paradise it is today. The Mainstream Party is opposed to feminism, multiculturalism and gay rights, and we believe government should be run solely to benefit families.

Particular problem areas that we see are firstly, “free trade”, where cheap foreign imports destroy Australian jobs; secondly, Asian and African immigration, where the government allows Orcs into The Shire; third, the bad influence of feminists, homosexuals and drug addicts; fourth, the education system, where children are brainwashed with extreme ideas; fifth, the unsuitable people being appointed as Judges and to other important positions; sixth, discrimination by government agencies against most Australians; and finally, the subversive activities of the Catholic Church, which runs Australia secretly from behind the scenes.

Free Trade

If we allow cheap foreign imports, we are allowing competition between Australian workers who earn $18 an hour, and foreign workers who earn 50 cents an hour. The $18 an hour minimum wage is what economists call a “price floor”. A “price floor” automatically leads to what economists call a “surplus” of unsold produce. A “surplus” of unsold labour is unemployment. In Australia, this “surplus” is the 38 percent of people who are fit to work but instead get some form of social security.

It used to be that anyone living in an Australian city who wanted a job could get a job. That was because of strict controls on imports. Vote for the Mainstream Party and we will reintroduce strict controls on foreign imports and strict controls on the use of robots. The Mainstream Party is not opposed to business or millionaires. In fact we would like to amend the Australian Constitution to outlaw property taxes and inheritance tax. Most of our candidates will be millionaires.

Asian and African Immigration

Many Asian and African people are very acceptable people and are model neighbours. This does not mean however it is appropriate for them to be living in Australia. Most Australians are of British descent, despite bogus ancestry DNA reports that say we are part Scandinavian and part Western European. If you are a typical Australian, your ancestors probably all lived in Britain for over a thousand years before coming to Australia. Do not get sucked in by bogus DNA reports from companies trying to promote multiculturalism. DNA reports that say you are part Jewish or part Aborigine are “fake news” to promote sympathy for minority groups. The only reliable way to trace your ancestry is with birth and marriage certificates and adoption records. If you look like a typical Australian, your ethnic group is almost certainly British.

Most cultures in the world do not believe in multiculturalism, but want to preserve their ethnic group. In the case of Australia, our ethnic group is British. It does not harm our ethnic group to allow in a few people from Germany, Scandinavia and Russia. But we draw the line at allowing in Asians and Africans. By all means be pleasant to your Asian and African neighbours. It is not their fault the government let them in, or your job to kick them out. It is the government’s job. Vote for the Mainstream Party and we will send them back to their own countries, some much sooner than others. The Moslems will be the last people we kick out.

Feminists, Homosexuals and Drug Addicts

Not so long ago, Australia had laws designed to protect the family. These laws were very similar to the Shariah law of the Moslems. Most Australian women were against equal rights for women when this was introduced. The institution of the family has been under attack in Australia for decades. Most Australians have some experience of living in a family. Some people have unreasonable expectations of their parents, and hold them to impossibly high standards. Many families today end in disarray, with the wife dumping the husband, or the children running away from home.

Australia used to have very effective censorship laws. It did not occur to wives to dump their husbands, or for children to run away from home, because this never happened on television. The Mainstream Party rejects the idea that someone has a right to plant ideas in people’s heads to dump their husbands or to become discontented with their parents. We will do everything possible to make sure that television does not act as a bad example. Television can be entertaining without undermining the family, as with the violent shows of the 1960s.

Everyone accepts the idea that there should be limits on people’s behaviour. Men should not be able to bash up their wives. Men should not be able to have sexual relations with other men. Currently brothers are prohibited from having sexual relations with their sisters, and this is punishable by imprisonment. If elected, we will greatly increase the sorts of abnormal behaviour that result in someone working on a chain gang breaking rocks for ten years. We define “normal” as pertaining to the “Normal distribution”, that is, conforming to what 95 percent of the population do. If elected, we will make life very difficult for the 2 percent who choose not to be normal. We will protect the majority of people who do want to be normal.

The Education System

Some years ago, there was a film called “The Matrix”, about a computer hacker called Thomas Anderson, known by his nickname “Neo”. In the film, Neo is groomed by the terrorists “Trinity” and “Morpheus”. They convince Neo that the world has been taken over by robots, and human beings are being kept by the robots as battery hens. According to the terrorists, everyday life is just a computer game designed to amuse the humans and prevent them from rebelling against the robots. Neo becomes criminally insane, and goes around assassinating law enforcement agents.

The terrorists’ version of events in “The Matrix” is very close to what has happened in reality. Two generations of children have been educated so they are in effect living in a computer game rather than in the real world. In their brainwashed condition, the unreasonable policies of the government appear reasonable. For example, Millennials, in their brainwashed condition, imagine we have close to full employment, when in reality a third of the workforce is on social security, and Australia is in a permanent economic recession.

The main technique used to brainwash children is to discourage them from reading books. This is accomplished by giving extreme levels of homework, so that reading books is seen as a chore rather than as a pleasure. Children are also taught about certain key books, so that they think they know what these books are about, and will be sure not to read them. If they were to read these books, their support for the government would be destroyed, and they would support minor parties instead.

If the Mainstream Party is elected, we will bring in government control of education, and all private schools will become government schools. There will still be posh schools that cost extra to go to. Homework will be banned. Children will be taught the values that were universally supported by the entire Australian and world population up until the 1960s. Boys and girls will be socialised differently. Girls will be taught that, while they could be fighter pilots if they wanted to and the government let them, they are better off being housewives and mothers.

The Judiciary

People imagine that, if they became embroiled in a dispute, they could go to a Law Court, and would get a fair hearing. Increasingly, however, people are becoming aware that Judges are not deciding disputes according to the law. In 2005, a Family Court survey found that 5 percent of Australians, or over a million people, think the Courts are corrupt. This has now risen to such a high level that they will not publish the figure, but it is probably around 20 percent.

Judges are applying principles such as “A woman trumps a man”, “A rich person trumps a poor person”, and “Many people trump a few people.” These rules are not part of the law, but are taught at Catholic schools. Thus, if you have a large number of supporters in the back of the courtroom waving banners, the Judge is more likely to rule in your favour, since “Many people trump a few people”.

The Catholic education system teaches a dispute resolution system, “Catholic common sense”, based on people’s social status. This dispute resolution system is so forcefully impressed upon children that Catholic educated people are not inclined to decide any dispute or question on the merits or according to the law. A Catholic Judge could no sooner decide a case according to the law than a lemming could resist the temptation to jump off a cliff. A lemming is a type of rodent where individual animals act as a herd and do stupid things. Lemmings are like sheep only even more stupid.

Hitherto, education systems concentrated on teaching problem-solving skills. The Catholic education system teaches people not to solve problems but to act correctly. Acting correctly involves consulting important people, lemming fashion, to see what their attitude is to any proposed course of action. As a result, a Catholic education makes a person unsuitable for any judicial, managerial or elected position. If we are elected, the Mainstream Party will appoint Judges who decide cases according to the law as applied to the facts, and who will not decide cases according to an agenda, or discriminate based on religion, education, or other irrelevant considerations.

Discrimination against Protestants

Most important jobs in Australia are held by Catholic educated people, even though Catholics are a minority group. Catholics believe in appointing people based solely on merit. However, they also believe that Catholics have more merit than Protestants. This is why most government organisations have workforces with more than 90 percent Catholic educated employees. Some government organisations even have an entirely Catholic educated workforce.

Catholics do not make a distinction between Catholics and Protestants. Rather, they make a distinction between “reputable” people and “disreputable” people. Disreputable people include racists, wife-beaters, fascists, and their latest hate-group, “fixated persons”. They use an extended definition of these terms. For example, “wife-beaters” include any man who wants a say in his children’s upbringing, whereas a reputable person would leave this to his wife. Collectively the people who comprise “disreputable” or “deplorable” people are the entire Protestant population; the majority of Australians.

In the minds of Catholics, they are not discriminating against Protestants, but against “disreputable people”, which is legitimate. But to all outward appearances, they are discriminating against Protestants. Someone with a Catholic education is like a criminally insane person. In their own minds they think they are acting correctly, but viewed objectively they are breaking laws and accepted norms of behaviour. If the Pope wanted the entire Aboriginal population exterminated, most Catholics would think this was a sensible idea. Aborigines are at the bottom of the Catholic Church’s pecking order.

The Catholic Church

All thinking people of goodwill agree that the Catholic Church was out of line in allowing pedophiles to abuse children. In fact, this is the very least the Catholic Church has done wrong. The Catholic Church is an international subversive organisation whose aim is nothing less than to take over the world. The Catholic Church is accomplishing this through its parochial school system, which brainwashes children and turns them into unscrupulous and effectively criminally insane individuals. It is like Islamic State only with hundreds of millions of psychopaths on the loose, many of whom hold key positions in Australia.

How did the Catholics take over Australia? It was because of what is called “strategic voting”. “Strategic voting” is where you vote for the Liberal candidate even if he is a homosexual because you don’t want a Labor Government to be elected. Decades of conservative voters engaging in “strategic voting” has resulted in the country moving further and further away from what conservative voters want.


The lesson is that people should not engage in “strategic voting”. Do not vote for the Liberal candidate because you don’t want a Labor Government to be elected. Instead, vote for the candidate whose policies and values you like the best. In some electorates that might even be the Green candidate. A battler like Pauline Hanson who opposes free trade is preferable to an Oxford graduate like Tony Abbott who supports free trade. Australia has been going downhill thanks to politicians from elite universities.

There is a general consensus that the way Australia has been governed by the major parties is completely wrong. A number of minor parties have arisen with high calibre leaders, for example, Nick Xenophon, David Leyonhjelm, Fred Nile and even Pauline Hanson. The latter, despite appearances, is a person of superior ability. What is needed is for all of these Protestant opposition figures to reinvent themselves as team players, join forces and work together. All four of these hard-case characters working in concert in one party would be a formidable threat to the major parties.